I attended Killer Nashville for the first time and I had a great experience. I met a lot of people who were at all places in their careers. Some starting out, some at it for years, some writers going the Indie route (like me) and others with big publishing deals.

Killer Nashville (not in Nashville)

And while I enjoy hanging out with you (I do), it’s a different experience …

Also, I won an award. Two, actually.

(That’s what we called burying the lede.)

I won a Claymore in the Best Comedy category (the first 50 pages of a manuscript, unpublished at the time of entry) and a Claymore as a 2nd Runner Up in the Overall Category. The second one might sound a little less sexy, but there were a LOT of other people.

I’m grateful and honored.

But, clearly, not humbled.

It’s been a journey for this book. It first started out as a “bad” idea which became a pilot. And while I got a lot of great meetings in LA from it, no one took it up. I couldn’t shake the story of Jimmy Cooper and just before the pandemic hit, I decided to turn it into a novel. And once that was done, after querying, I decided I was going to put it out there myself. And I’m so glad that I have. I got to put out a book exactly how I wanted it to be. Maybe it’s going to be harder to be an Indie Author, but that’s OK. I’m doing this on my terms.

This is just the first book in — what I hope — will be a long series. I can’t wait for you to read what’s next.

If you want your copy, head over here for a link.



Next week I’m going to Bouchercon in Minneapolis where I’ll be participating in the New Author Reception. Can’t wait!